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Thank you for your interest in applying online for our Principal Investigator (Professor or Associate Professor) position at ELSI, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
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    1, 1-to-2-page cover letter including a statement of interests. Please indicate the desired position (Professor or Associate Professor).

    2, Curriculum vitae including educational background, professional experience, honors and awards, mailing address, and e-mail address.

    3, List of research achievements classified into the following categories (peer-reviewed journal papers, refereed international conference proceedings, books authored, reviews, and intellectual property). Please indicate publications in which you are the first author with an asterisk (*).

    4, List of acquired external research grants, fellowships, or competitive funds. The type, project title, period of research, and budget should be provided for each item. Please specify applicant’s contribution as a principal or cooperative investigator. In case where you act as co-investigator, please specify the total and allocated budgets.

    5, Abridged list of major honors and awards, academic society activities, editorial activities, grant proposal review panels, other service-related activities, committee activities, and social contribution or outreach activities.

    6, List of up to five most important publications.

    7, Outline of research achievements and current research objectives. Please limit the length to 3 pages of A4 or letter size.

    8, Statement of research plans at ELSI that specifically address the origin and early evolution of life and/or Earth. Please limit the length to 3 pages of A4 or letter size.

    9, Outline of past and current teaching activities and list of classes taught. Please specify the language used in classes. Please limit the length to 2 pages of A4 or letter size.

    10, Statement of teaching and public outreach plans. Please limit the length to 1 page of A4 or letter size.

    11, List of names and contact information of four references. Two or more references should be from researchers based in institutions outside of Japan. The name, affiliation, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, and their relationship to the applicant should be provided.
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